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What’s New In iOS 13

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At the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3, Apple announced the newest features coming to the new iOS software. iOS 13 will be released in the fall and it will be packed with new things for users to explore.


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A system-wide Dark Mode option is being made available in the new update. Users will have the option to set it on a schedule which will prompt it to turn on at sunset or they can have it on continuously. This will change the appearance of the system from light to dark. This mode will be supported on all native Apple apps. To use this on third party apps, users can use Dark Mode API’s (Application Programming Interface) to add Dark Mode integration on to the apps.


The Photos app will be seeing a bunch of new updates when iOS 13 is released. One new feature will curate different highlights in your photo library to make for easier browsing. The highlights will be organized by the day, month, or year that they were taken. Editing has also been made easier with the update. The tools will be found at the bottom of the Photos app and there will be slider wheels available at your fingertips once you press the “Edit” button. Video editing has also been revamped as you will be able to use the photo editing tools for video editing. It will allow you to rotate, crop, and apply filters to videos. There will also be changes made to portrait mode as you can make adjustments to the lighting moving it closer or further away.



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Apple is making efforts to improve the privacy of their customers. They have introduced a new “Sign In With Apple” feature that will allow users to use their Apple logins for different apps and websites. Apple will also generate a single-use random email. By doing this, it prevents the user from having to use their own personal emails. Two-factor authentication is built in to the feature to offer more security for users. The amount of location data that is shared with apps will also be limited. Apple is adding a one time only option that will only allow the app to use your location once and then have to ask permission for every time it wants it. Apple will also provide more notice when apps are using your location in the background.


There are some updates to the maps features in iOS 13. The Maps app is being updated to have broader road coverage, better pedestrian data, more precise addresses, and more detailed land cover. There is also a look around feature being added. This is Apple’s version of street view. Users will be able to share their favorite restaurants and places with friends through the new collections feature. The Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps will be joined together in the new “Find My” app. You will be able to track your devices whether they are offline by leveraging Bluetooth and other nearby iOS devices.  


There are so many new features that are going to be added to iOS 13. Memoji will be made into a sticker pack that can be used in messages, mail, and more. There will be three new Animojis added; an octopus, cow, and mouse. Siri will be given a new voice and you will be able to personalize your own shortcuts through the new suggested automations feature. Stay tuned for more information about the iOS 13 update.

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