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Managed IT for Local Business

At Gravity, We Have Custom IT Solutions for your Business

Gravity is a full-service IT support provider, which means not only are we an Apple Authorized Service Provider, but we also have trained technicians with expertise in networking, G Suite, Outlook, and more.

Gone are the days of being left in the dark about your tech issues. We know that the best way for you to avoid fighting computer problems for time immemorial is to become more knowledgeable about those problems in the first place. Whether they’re the next Steve Jobs or completely tech illiterate, we leave our clients with a better understanding of their technology to help avoid issues in the future.

Our technicians are certified to repair Apple products, boasting decades of experience spanning across every Apple product line. We handle non-emergencies, as well as business-halting issues, meaning employers and employees alike can work stress-free knowing Gravity is simply a phone call away.

Your Local Business is Our Priority

Our managed IT clients come first. When that hotline rings, we drop whatever we’re doing, even if it’s our own office work, to come to you.

We value communication above all else. Especially when it comes to our clients. That’s why when we look to hire, we look for individuals that communicate complicated situations clearly. Our staff is comprised of those who not only boast extensive technological experience but experience specifically with the local Columbia communities. We provide local experts with tailored solutions.

Need to reach us? We’re always available by phone, email, or even text message.

Let's Connect Your Business

IT Service Customized for Your Business

When you work with our business, you deal with one contract in a language we both understand. No hidden jargon. No traps.


At the same time, each IT service agreement is tailored to you. We know the day to day operations of every business is different, and that includes IT needs. We’ll examine your business and make recommendations and edits to current software, hardware, or any other form of technology to make sure you’re operating at full speed.

Data Recovery and Backup

Data Backup & Recovery

Lost your entire life’s work? Take a breath! Chances are, the data is still there. We can help you find it.


We train our staff to pause and work with our customers to determine what truly caused the issue. Did you highlight everything and hit delete? The solution is as simple as locating those lost files. Erased your entire hard drive? We can still recover your data, though it may take some time.


At Gravity, we recover data from any accident imaginable, but we also keep you well-informed. Some recoveries are obviously more challenging than others, which is why transparency can be key. Sometimes, the question becomes “is this worth the information that you’re going for.” If that moment ever arises, we’ll walk you through all of your options.

IT Storage Solutions

Our managed IT approach to storage is the modern-day disk to disk to tape solution. We have moved our clients to disk to disk to cloud so their data is redundant in some way shape or form while the cloud eliminates any potential for human error.


With our approach, backups are never missed due to something as simple as turnover issues.


Plus, our cloud-based data solutions provide streamlined data access at an affordable price. When you work with Gravity, you have access to infinite storage for the price of a Netflix subscription.


We’re experienced in managed IT services, which means we know the ins and outs of productive IT systems. Our installations range from the tangible to the intangible, but as with any office, it all starts with networking.


If your network is hodgepodged together, it creates inefficiencies. Oftentimes, simple printing issues tie to larger systemic networking problems. At Gravity, we clean up your messy IT closet. We like to build systems that you can walk in and immediately know where everything is because it’s organized and color-coded.


What’s more? We not only install your networking hardware, but we also manage the flow. We realize that networking involves more than just turning on a switch. After working with us, every one of your computers will connect to the internet. When a phone call comes in you can guarantee it rings and the signal is good.


Gravity’s goal is to eliminate emergencies. In our world, the word “redundancy” is a good thing. When you set up your IT system with us, you receive a professionally installed, redundant system prepared for any emergency. If and when disaster strikes, you have backups at the ready. Your switches have dual power supplies. You can rest assured that you have a system that allows you to continue your operations.


That said, we understand things sometimes happen. When those metaphorical wrenches get tossed into your business’s plans, Gravity is here to keep your wheels turning. We can respond to certain outages. Whether your credit card reader is down or your laptop contracts ransomware, our professionals are just a phone call away.


We pride ourselves on our customer service, which means we’re prepared to handle every tech question under the sun--even the most basic. You can walk through our doors or give us a call and know that your more common technical issues will be resolved professionally and courteously.

One Simple Agreement

Fair Prices. No Surprise.

As a small business ourselves, we know the havoc a surprise expense can cause.


That’s why when you do business with us you receive no extra fees — our billing structure is catered to our clients’ needs. Our professionals look at the number of your active machines, computers, phones, the number of employees, and the type of your business to come up with an IT solution tailored to you.

The best part? Everything is paid upfront rather than a month to month subscription. We offer block packages, which result in lower prices for your business.

Let's Start a Partnership

Apple Authorized Service Provider

Gravity is recognized by Apple as a Premium Service Provider. In a nutshell, that means we provide the same quality of service that Apple provides to its own customers. You want your devices in the hands of the highest qualified professionals.


According to Apple, “Premium Service Providers consistently deliver exceptional repair support and customer experience that meet Apple's exacting standards for high-quality repair and prompt service.”

Get Quality Service Now

Our technicians have decades of experience in managing IT and repairs.
573.443.1555[email protected]
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Apple Consultants Network
Apple and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Our technicians have decades of experience in managing IT and repairs.
573.443.1555[email protected]
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Apple Consultants Network
Apple and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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