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AirPods 2: What's New?

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Apple released AirPods 2 today. What new features were added? Why would you consider upgrading if you have AirPods already? We are here to break down these questions for you.


airpods 2


The new AirPods look virtually the same. They have the same sleek design and are offered only in white. As for new features, there are a few noteworthy ones.


  • Wireless charging. In an attempt to go completely wireless with these headphones, Apple has added the ability to charge the cases on a Qi-compatible mat. This includes a light on the front of the case so you are sure they are charging.


  • Better battery life. These AirPods out perform the first generation ones in single charge talk time, with case talk time, and 15 minute quick charge time.


  • New H1 chip. Apple added this to create a quicker and more stable connection to your devices. This model is faster in two main ways -- 2x faster in switching between devices and 1.5x faster connection on phone calls. The H1 chip also provides hands-free voice-enabled Siri so you are able to prompt Siri on your AirPods 2 with a quick "Hey Siri".


airpods 2


If these features stand out to you as being crucial to your AirPod experience, upgrading might be worth it. AirPods 2 are comparable to the AirPods 1 in other aspects: auto-on, dual microphones and optical sensors, and motion/speech-detecting accelerometer.

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