Dark Mode: What To Know


In the latest Mac OS, Mojave, Apple introduced Dark Mode. This is a feature that allows you to focus harder because your work stands out while the windows and controls fade into the background. We will walk through how to turn in on, which applications allow this feature, and what our staff thinks about it.


How To Turn On Dark Mode:


  • Open System Preferences from either your dock or the Apple logo in the top left corner.


dark mode

dark mode


  • Select General.


dark mode


  • At the top, next to Appearance, you will have the option between Light and Dark. Select Dark.


dark mode


Which Applications Allow Dark Mode?






Dynamic Desktop

dark mode

dark mode

dark mode


What Does Our Staff Think About Dark Mode?


Kelly – “Aesthetically displeasing to me personally, it makes it harder to see applications and information on devices.”


Kyle – “I don’t like that it basically inverts the colors on my computer. I did try it out for a while but wasn’t a huge fan.”


Joey – “There’s some application interactions that don’t work very well with Dark Mode because they hide what you need to do. Other than that, I do like the feature.”


Maddie – “I have used Dark Mode since the release of Mojave. It makes everything look organized and crisp.”