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Because we spend a lot of time helping people with their computers, phones, or tablets we also end up spending a lot of time helping people remember their passwords. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Facebook, or simply your 4-digit iPhone passcode we’ve come to the conclusion that everyone would benefit from a primer on passwords.

We all know that passwords should be changed frequently, that you should use different passwords for different services, and that passwords should never be your birthday or the names of your children.

Of course, all those rules make it much more likely that you’ll forget your password.

Some of the best advice comes from tech columnist Farhad Manjoo.
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A good password is difficult to guess and easy to remember.

According to Manjoo, the first step is to create a memorable phrase that contains some numbers and capital letters, such as:

I was in the 84 graduating class at the University of Missouri.

Then, simply turn that phrase into an acronym:

[email protected]

And there you have it—a password with the requisite letters, numbers, and symbols that will be very easy for you to remember.