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Apple may move away from charging ports in coming years.

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The future is wireless - that is something we can all agree on. With wireless charging technology becoming more advanced, what does that mean for the future of Apple products?

Apple is looking to make the switch to a completely wireless device, meaning that the charging port will likely meet the same fate as the headphone jack on newer iPhone models. With wireless capabilities becoming more advanced, we will likely see an iPhone with no ports in the next few years.

That being said, the upcoming iPhone model will almost certainly have a port. Wireless charging is not as fast as wired charging, and until that is the case, it is unlikely that Apple would make such a drastic change to the iPhone. Apple considered removing the port during the development of the iPhone X, but ultimately decided against it.

As wireless charging technology becomes faster and more convenient, it is likely that these ports will become obsolete within a few years. Qi, an inductive charging method developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, makes the idea of a port-less iPhone possible. Using magnets, you can charge your device simply by placing it on a power mat.

For those who have an iPhone 8 or later, wireless charging is available, but the phone still has a port. Apple currently sells two power mats for iPhone, one manufactured by Mophie and the other manufactured by Belkin. These are available at Apple both online and in-store for $49.95. Apple is developing their own power station, which we expect Apple to release this fall.

An iPhone with no ports will look great, but relies heavily on the device and power mat capabilities. If you were to have issues with wireless charging, there is no alternative way to charge if there is no port. iPhone users have had issues with wireless charging in the past, prompting many of them to continue to charge their devices with the lightning bolt cable.

In the near future, Apple will almost certainly make the switch to a completely wireless device. We expect this change to be met with an uproar from users, similar to when Apple removed the headphone jack just a few years ago. Now, however, wireless headphones and earbuds are rapidly growing in popularity, and iPhone owners don't mind so much - we imagine the same thing will happen with the removal of the charging port. It will be weird at first, but ultimately, it will be a huge step toward a wireless future.

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