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Top 5 small business issues solved by switching to G Suite

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G Suite is one solution that many businesses are turning to in order to solve an array of small business issues.


Columbia, Missouri, has a thriving small business community, and through the years, we have seen small businesses with all kinds of various efforts to manage their data, projects, and communication. Some of their attempts actually added up to hundreds of dollars a month.


We have found that not only does G Suite solve the issues most small businesses face, but it also costs a lot less. This is a big reason why we recommend G Suite migration to any small business looking for data solutions, whether or not they utilize our managed IT services.


But honestly, the benefits of utilizing G Suite in your business don’t stop there. Here are our top five reasons to migrate your small business from Outlook to G Suite.


  1. Custom branding – Custom URL emails
     Nothing is more off-putting than a business with an or email address! These days, if you’re not emphasizing your brand at every step and turn, your company is bound to get lost in all the white noise.You can create branded emails with custom URL naming options with G Suite. Instead of leaving a poor impression with your clients, suddenly you’re able to emphasize your name brand with each and every communication.


  2. Offsite data storage
     Company data storage issues become a relic of the past with G Suite. Google’s cloud storage and Google Drive provide unlimited storage solutions for your local business.


    What’s this really mean for you?


    More space! Literally (and electronically). With cloud-based technology, your office plan just got a whole lot roomier because you no longer require a server room. Plus, your computers themselves will have more disk space than they know what to do with.


  3. Phishing and Spam filtering
     G Suite was built with the unassuming customer in mind. With in-depth safety measures that auto-detect phishing attempts as well as spam, your business will no longer be threatened by malicious attempts to infiltrate your network.


  4. Remote Access and Device Syncing
     Remember that embarrassing time you grabbed the wrong hard drive on the way to your presentation? We don’t blame you if you have selective memory. One of our absolute favorite perks to utilizing G Suite is the access it grants its users. G Suite allows you access to your business assets on any of your devices anywhere you have wifi access. You’ll be able to easily use your phone, tablet, or smart speaker to gain access to your email, calendar, or business data.


  5. Overall Collaboration
     With G Suite your workflow just works. G Suite allows users to easily share documents and simultaneously edit, meaning everyone with the link is privy to the most current and up-to-date version. Real-time collaboration through Google Drive is something you simply miss out on by going with other operating systems.


Ready to switch to G Suite but don’t know where to start?


Our managed IT service team members can handle migrating your business to G Suite and find the best solutions to get your IT and employees running efficiently and productively.

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