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WWDC Recap - Here's what we learned from the keynote.

June 6, 2018
At WWDC 2018, Apple focused solely on software during the keynote. Not a single hardware announcement was made, though many people were hoping to see a new iPad Pro or the next series of Mac computers. Apple instead focused on iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’re […]
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Worst Passwords of 2015

January 20, 2016
So, SplashData has released its Worst Passwords of 2015 list. On the downside, "123456" and "password" still top the list. On the upside, Star Wars is certainly a hit. Speaking of passwords, if you've forgotten yours and have been frantically typing in the birthdays of your children, the techs at Gravity are standing by. They can […]
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What’s New In iOS 13

June 10, 2019
  At the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3, Apple announced the newest features coming to the new iOS software. iOS 13 will be released in the fall and it will be packed with new things for users to explore. A system-wide Dark Mode option is being made available in the new update. Users will […]
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What you need to know about Apple's new iPhones.

November 4, 2018
This fall, Apple released three (count 'em, THREE) new iPhones. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are the latest and greatest in Apple's product line - and here's what you should know about each of them.   iPhone XS and XS Max The iPhone XS and XS Max follow the normal pattern […]
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What was so great about 1970 anyway?

February 22, 2016
So, we should say right off the bat, don't do this. We know the rainbow logo has a great vintage look but really, what else is there to like about 1970? Nixon is president, the Ford Pinto is introduced, the Beatles breakup, and Jimi Hendrix dies.  Oh, and Kent State. So stop and think before you decide to […]
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What to Know About macOS Catalina

June 26, 2019
Apple introduced the new operating system that will run on the Mac at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month. The new system will be called macOS Catalina after the Catalina Islands that are located off the coast of Southern California. There are many new features coming to this new system; many similar to the […]
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What To Expect From Service Location Before Their Visit

March 11, 2017
This might be your first time with a broken Apple device and you don’t know what to expect with a service location. We’re here to prepare you for that so you don’t have anything to worry about. Once you arrive at our location (810 E. Walnut Street Columbia, MO) you will be greeted by one […]
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Top 5 small business issues solved by switching to G Suite

July 16, 2020
G Suite is one solution that many businesses are turning to in order to solve an array of small business issues.   Columbia, Missouri, has a thriving small business community, and through the years, we have seen small businesses with all kinds of various efforts to manage their data, projects, and communication. Some of their attempts […]
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Thursday - Storage Box

May 9, 2019
We needed more storage for our 3D printing tools, so we thought we better 3D print one! Enjoy this week's 3D Printing Thursday! Music: Freddie Yeti Follow us on our social media accounts to keep up with our 3D Printing Thursdays @gravitycomo!
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The Scoop on Apple's New Battery Cases.

January 18, 2019
As of today, January 18, Apple has released their newest Smart Battery Cases. There are three options: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. The color options are white or black and are being sold for $129.     Here's some information to note about these new Apple battery cases.   Each model has […]
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The End of An Era: Farewell iTunes

June 5, 2019
Apple made an astonishing announcement that would leave millennials having to say farewell to one of the most influential media apps of their time. On Monday June 3, Apple announced that they would be putting an end to iTunes after 18 years of service at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. In September, the software for […]
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Struggling to keep your phone charged? Here's what we do to keep ours running longer.

June 11, 2018
Battery life – our own lives seem to revolve around the life of our batteries. For your Apple devices, there are some easy things you can do to maximize the time between charges. We hate when our phones are running low on battery, so here are some things that we do to keep ours alive […]
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Ready for iOS 11? Check your compatibility now.

August 28, 2017
Now that we have a date for the release of the new iPhone it is time to get prepared. Historically, Apple announces a new iPhone handset, sets a date for the release, and announces the update to iOS 11 on the date it will be available to download on to your current iPhone.   With […]
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Password Tips & Tools

March 19, 2019
Passwords are crucial to protecting your personal data. This is why more and more websites are requiring complex passwords for users -- less of a chance of your account getting hacked.   Tips:   Keep passwords unique. Although it might be tempting on your memory to reuse the same password for all your accounts, it […]
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Open Sesame

August 6, 2015
Because we spend a lot of time helping people with their computers, phones, or tablets we also end up spending a lot of time helping people remember their passwords. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Facebook, or simply your 4-digit iPhone passcode we’ve come to the conclusion that everyone would benefit from a primer on passwords. We […]
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New iPhone update can help you sleep like a baby.

May 25, 2016
We all know that checking our iPhone late at night can interrupt our sleep---and it's not just the stress of that latest email chain. It's the blue light from the screen itself messing with our circadian rhythms, making it tough to get a good night's sleep. Apple's latest iOS update helps solve that problem. By tapping […]
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New features with MacOS Mojave.

October 1, 2018
As of September 24, 2018 – Apple’s new operating system Mojave is released. This macOS is packed with new features that will innovate and change the way you use your computer.   Dark Mode Dark Mode can be implemented in System Preference > General. You can either keep the light appearance or change it to […]
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MacOS Mojave expected to be a solid change of pace for users.

June 25, 2018
The newest Mac operating system was announced at WWDC on June 4, and will likely be released in late September or early October. Unlike the four before it, MacOS Mojave steps away from the mountain theme and takes users to the Mojave desert. Along with a change of scenery, Mojave showcases Apple's emphasis on new […]
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Keep your passwords safe with these apps.

July 30, 2018
These days, most people seem to have the same couple of passwords that they use for most of their accounts. Those passwords usually aren't the best, and you've probably had them for a long time too. You don't want to forget them, so you just never change them - sound about right? Cybersecurity matters, and […]
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iOS 11.4 update brings Messages to iCloud.

May 30, 2018
iOS 11.4 is finally here, and despite being a smaller update, it brings a long-awaited feature to the table. We'll break that down for you, right here, right now.   Messages in iCloud First and foremost, the 11.4 update includes Messages in iCloud. This feature was showcased at WWDC 2017, Apple’s software-based annual developer conference, […]
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How to Use and Maximize the Screen Time Feature

January 28, 2019
When Apple released iOS 12 back on September 17, there were quite a few new updates. One of the big ones was the introduction of the Screen Time feature. This new feature allows users to view the amount of time spent on each application on your iOS device. It is set up to schedule downtime […]
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How to Master the Powerbeats Pro

May 16, 2019
The release of the highly anticipated Powerbeats Pro has arrived. The new earphones are now available for in-store purchases at your local Apple Store or online. Here is some key information you need to master the use of these new earbuds. How to Stay Powered Up: To charge your Powerbeats Pro earphones, you will need […]
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Help Celebrate our Grand Opening!

January 18, 2016
When we opened our doors last July, we knew there was a need for an Apple authorized service provider here in mid-Missouri so we focused all our efforts on getting up and running. Now that we're cruising along, we think it's time for a celebration! Come join us and the Columbia Chamber of Commerce for […]
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Gravity Guides: iCloud Backup

February 26, 2019
We will walk you through how to turn on iCloud Backup or initiate a new backup on your iOS device. This is something we always recommend doing before coming in for any iOS repairs.   1. Open Settings.   2. Click your name on the top of the screen.      3. Select iCloud.     […]
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Gravity Guides: Find My iPhone

March 4, 2019
Find My iPhone is a service that allows you to locate lost/stolen devices. This service must be disabled for any mail-in repairs to Apple’s depot.   We will walk you through how to turn off this feature if your iPhone is functioning or not.   If you can power on your iPhone and access Settings: […]
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Gravity Guides: DFU Mode Restore

March 6, 2019
A DFU Mode Restore is a Device Firmware Update. It reloads both the software and firmware for your specific device. This restore will delete all your data and automatically update you to the latest OS. iPhone 6 and Below Plug iPhone into the computer with iTunes. Press and hold down the Home Button and the […]
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Gravity Guides: Battery Saving Techniques

March 5, 2019
If your battery is not giving you the battery life you would like, we have a couple of things you can change to extend your battery and possibly improve performance.   First, let’s close your open applications.   For all iPhones before iPhone X: For Double click your home button. You should see all of […]
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Gravity Guides - Desktop Image

July 9, 2018
Today we're starting our new series, Gravity Guides! Check in with us on Monday mornings for quick tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your device! This week, we're focusing on desktop images. Follow us on social media for more content @gravitycomo!  
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Gravity Guides - Desktop Disks

July 23, 2018
It's Monday, and that means we've got another Gravity Guide ready for you! This week, we're still working on the desktop - stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Mac!
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Gravity Guides - Clean Desktop

July 30, 2018
It's Monday, and what better way to start your week than with a clean desktop? Follow us on social media @gravitycomo for more!
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Gather round for Apple's hardware and software announcement

September 11, 2018
Gather Round Apple’s Gather Round event is tomorrow, September 12th, at 10am in Cupertino. If you're an Apple user, you've probably already heard a few rumors about what the tech giant will be releasing this fall. Tomorrow, the company will announce new hardware, new operating systems and release dates for both. This is the time […]
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Family Sharing: What is it? How do you use it?

April 12, 2019
Family Sharing is a feature that comes with Apple products that allows you to share data with up to five family members. This includes the applications: iTunes, App store, Apple Music, iCloud storage, Apple Books, Photos, Calendar, and Find My iPhone. One member of your family can set Family Sharing up by selecting the features/applications […]
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Don’t think different, think same.

October 20, 2015
With all the buzz about the new Steve Jobs movie coming to the big screen, we need to take moment to remember all the other tech visionaries of the era—like Michael Dell. Does anyone miss those thick laptops with the fans in the the back? If you need help with your laptop---regardless of age---the techs […]
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Do Smart Home Devices Get Viruses?

July 12, 2019
Smart home devices such as the Apple HomePod and Google Home have made the lives of many families easier. It provides entertainment, news and weather reports on the go, and more. Their easily accessible features are what make them attractive to the consumer market. But how safe are these devices really? Can these devices get […]
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Dive into the 2018 FIFA World Cup with added support for all your devices.

June 18, 2018
With the 2018 FIFA World Cup underway, Apple has added a few updates to make it easier to stay up to date on scores, teams and your favorite players. Featured: Siri support now allows you to ask Siri questions about games, schedules and rosters. For example, you can ask Siri questions like: Who won the […]
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Dark Mode: What To Know

February 6, 2019
In the latest Mac OS, Mojave, Apple introduced Dark Mode. This is a feature that allows you to focus harder because your work stands out while the windows and controls fade into the background. We will walk through how to turn in on, which applications allow this feature, and what our staff thinks about it. […]
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Apple's WWDC is just around the corner. Here's what you should know.

June 1, 2018
Apple’s worldwide developer conference is just around the corner, with the keynote, taking place on Monday at 10 a.m. PDT. Watch it here. This year marks the 29th Apple WWDC, and the upcoming event is surrounded by speculation and rumors of what people expect to see announced at the conference this year. Usually, this event is […]
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Apple's Special Event showcases new iPhones, Apple Watch, and OS.

September 18, 2018
Today is September 17, which means that iOS 12 is now available for the general public to download.   At Apple's release event last Wednesday, we saw three new iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and two new operating systems announced. Everything announced at the Special Event will be released before the end of the month, […]
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Apple working to create a more complete Maps app for iOS12.

July 10, 2018
Apple Maps has never been the app it should be, prompting many users to use apps like Google Maps or Waze. In iOS12, however, a redesigned version of the Maps app will make its debut. Maps was released with iOS6, but was met with frustration from users. This prompted Tim Cook, Apple's current CEO, to […]
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Apple WatchOS 5: What's New

October 8, 2018
The new Apple Watch Series 4 comes equipped with watchOS 5, an OS you can download on any Apple Watch Series 1 or newer. This updated OS has both new features and improvements for existing ones.   Activity The activity application has new features such as competition among friends. Now instead of just sharing your […]
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Apple Watches Keep Time and Our Hearts Healthy

May 20, 2019
Apple Watches Have Come to Be a Major Trend Within the Technology Industry With its Easy Accessibility and its Fashionable Bands. Many people use their watch to have emails, texts, and calls come through to one easy to access place, but don’t pay attention to some of its other features. The health app on the […]
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Apple Watch: What Can They Do?

March 13, 2019
As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we know lots about Apple devices and how they function. The Apple Watch, originally released in 2015, has continuously evolved since then to the current Apple Watch Series 4. Our iOS technician has the Apple Watch Series 4 and has lots of insights to share with everyone.   The […]
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Apple Tv+ Fast Facts

May 30, 2019
Apple is to release their television streaming app in the fall. Apple TV+ will feature original content that is funded by Apple. The original content will include TV shows and movies featuring star studded casts and high profile production crews. Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell have been linked to these exclusive Apple products. […]
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Apple Special Event

March 26, 2019
If you missed the Special Event or just didn't have the time to watch it today, we will break down the four big announcements from it.   Apple TV+    Apple released a new streaming service called Apple TV+. It allows users to subscribe to services like Starz or HBO Go individually and have Apple […]
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Apple rolls out updated versions of the MacBook Pro.

July 23, 2018
Last week, Apple rolled out updated versions of the MacBook Pro. With a few system updates and increased storage and capabilities, the new generation of MacBook Pro is faster than ever. Specs The 13-inch and 15-inch models are equipped with Intel's eighth-generation processors, but you can upgrade some of the other features like RAM and […]
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Apple may move away from charging ports in coming years.

July 2, 2018
The future is wireless - that is something we can all agree on. With wireless charging technology becoming more advanced, what does that mean for the future of Apple products? Apple is looking to make the switch to a completely wireless device, meaning that the charging port will likely meet the same fate as the […]
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Apple had a busy summer, and is gearing up for an even busier fall.

August 13, 2018
Apple has been busy this summer, and we've seen a little bit of everything. From WWDC back in June to the release of new MacBook Pro computers in late July, we've kept you updated right here on our blog. A quick recap of the summer:   Apple Worldwide Developer Conference At Apple's annual developer conference, […]
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Apple GiveBack Program now lets you trade in your old device online.

September 25, 2018
As many users know, Apple allows you to trade in your old device if you're going to upgrade. Basically, whatever your old device is worth is subtracted from the cost of the new device. Apple has had a trade-in program for some time now, but just recently rebranded it as the Apple GiveBack Program. In […]
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Apple Bans Facebook Research App

June 19, 2019
Apple banned the Facebook Research App from being available for download on the app store at the beginning of the year. The app used incentives to get people to allow them to access their data which included their web searches, private messages, location data, and more. It also gained understanding to the users app habits […]
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AirPods 2: What's New?

March 20, 2019
Apple released AirPods 2 today. What new features were added? Why would you consider upgrading if you have AirPods already? We are here to break down these questions for you.     The new AirPods look virtually the same. They have the same sleek design and are offered only in white. As for new features, […]
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AirPods 2 or Powerbeats Pro?

April 5, 2019
Apple has recently released two completely wireless earphone sets. We will help explain some of the differences so you can see which pair would be a better fit for you.   AirPods 2: Price: $199   Design: AirPods 2 look virtually identical to the original AirPods. The design of these headphones fit most people’s ears, […]
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Accio Video

August 25, 2015
Any fan of Harry Potter knows that wizarding newspapers, unlike muggle ones, feature moving photos. Now the tech world is finally catching up to the magical one. Facebook has just introduced a 7 second looping video option for your Facebook profile picture. This comes right on the heels of Snapchat adding a similar feature. Facebook […]
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A message from Tim Cook about privacy

February 22, 2016
February 16, 2016 A Message to Our Customers The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. This moment calls for public discussion, and we want our customers and people around […]
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3D Printing Thursday - Who's That Pokémon?

June 7, 2018
Here at Gravity, we've got some pretty cool technology - for example, our 3D printer. We use it to create functional things, like a wall mount for an Apple TV or a stand for an iPhone, but we also like to create things that are just for fun, like this Pokemon! Some call it a […]
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3D Printing Thursday - Voronoi Heart

February 13, 2019
  Happy Valentine's Day and 3D Printing Thursday! We're celebrating here at Gravity with this Voronoi heart.   Music: Freddie Yeti 3D Print Designer: John Quandt   Follow our social accounts @gravitycomo to stay up to date with our newest prints!
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3D Printing Thursday - USB Storage Tower

June 28, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity. This USB storage tower keeps our flash drives organized and all in one place, so we've got three of them in the office. Follow us on social media @gravitycomo to see more!
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3D Printing Thursday - Ultimaker Robot

August 2, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! We print functional things like screws, buttons and cases, but ever so often we like to print something fun, like this little robot! Check us out on social media @gravitycomo to keep up with what we're doing!
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3D Printing Thursday - Taco Truck

January 31, 2019
This week was a special 3D Printing Thursday. We made a taco truck and paired with our business client 44 Canteen to fill it up! We love doing networking for them across the alley!     3D Print Designer: Marcus Jordan   Keep up with our latest 3D prints by following Gravity on social media […]
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3D Printing Thursday - Sparkler Holder

February 21, 2019
This 3D Printing Thursday we teamed up with our business to business service client Spirit of '76 Fireworks to bring you this sparkler holder! We do their network and internet support, end user technical support, and additional IT support.     Music: Freddie Yeti   3D Print Designer: Murray Clark   Be sure to follow @gravitycomo […]
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3D Printing Thursday - Pot of Gold

March 14, 2019
  Although there was no rainbow, for 3D Printing Thursday we printed our own pot of gold! Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day this weekend.   3D Print Designer: Murray Clark Music: MickCloud & The Yeti   Check out 3D Printing Thursdays every Thursday on our social media accounts @gravitycomo!
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3D Printing Thursday - Pen Holder

May 16, 2019
Looking For a Fun 3D Printing Project? We like to stay nice and organized here at Gravity so today's 3D print is a desk pen holder. Enjoy this week's 3D Printing Thursday! Music: Freddie Yeti Follow us on our social media accounts to keep up with our 3D Printing Thursdays @gravitycomo!
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3D Printing Thursday - Medal

February 7, 2019
Superintendent Dr. Stiepleman was a little envious of Columbia College Dr. Dalrymple's President's Medal, so we used 3D Printing Thursday to print one of his own!     Follow our social accounts @gravitycomo to continue to see our 3D Printing Thursday content!
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3D Printing Thursday - LEGO Mug

November 28, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! This week, we printed a LEGO mug (human-sized, of course). With a little bit of food-safe epoxy, it'll be ready for us to use for our morning coffee! Follow us on social media @gravitycomo to keep up with what we're doing in the office!      
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3D Printing Thursday - Keychain Bottle Opener

October 4, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! This week we were in the mood to print something functional, so we decided to go with this neat keychain bottle opener! Follow us on social media @gravitycomo for updates on what we're working on!    
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3D Printing Thursday - Iron Throne

April 10, 2019
  This week we printed the iron throne from Game of Thrones. Only 3 more days until the release of Season 8 and we are getting excited!   3D Print Designer: Piotr Katanowski   Music: Freddie Yeti   Every week we print something different! Follow our social media accounts @gravitycomo and check out our website […]
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3D Printing Thursday - Hogwarts

March 7, 2019
This week's 3D Printing Thursday is Hogwarts! We have a few Potterheads working here at Gravity so we really enjoyed this print. Music: Freddie Yeti 3D Print Designer: Hannah Asmussen-Hansen Keep up with our weekly 3D prints on our social media accounts @gravitycomo!
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3D Printing Thursday - Hand of the King Pin

April 4, 2019
3D Printing Thursday this week is the Hand of the King Pin from Game of Thrones!   We are getting excited for Season 8's release on April 14th. In honor of Fred's last day with us, he got to wear the pin today!     3D Print Designer: Darrin Mcland Music: Freddie Yeti   Keep […]
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3D Printing Thursday - Gravity Logo

July 26, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! There's nothing wrong with a little bit of self love, so we decided to print our own logo. We think it looks great!
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3D Printing Thursday - Elephant Cutlery Strainer

November 1, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! One of the larger prints we've done is this cutlery strainer that looks like an elephant. Check us out on social media to keep up with what we're doing!    
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3D Printing Thursday - Drill Bit Case

July 19, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! This week, we printed a case for drill bits with a top that screws on to close it. It's perfect for keeping our bits organized and easy to take with us when we're on the go!
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3D Printing Thursday - Dachshund by Picasso

January 24, 2019
3D Printing Thursday this week is a 3D print of Dachshund by Picasso. We love showing our artistic side here at Gravity! 3D Print Designer: Zac Fenigshtien Follow Gravity on social media @gravitycomo to keep up with our latest 3D prints!
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3D Printing Thursday - Cable Management Bar

August 16, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! This week, we printed a cable management bar to keep our charging cables organized at our workstations in the office! Keep up with us on social media at @gravitycomo!    
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3D Printing Thursday - Boosted Board Charger Mount

June 21, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity. This week, we decided we'd turn the Boosted Board charger into a wall charger so that it sits nicely under the desk. Lightweight and sturdy, this wall mount both looks great and works perfectly! Follow us on social media @gravitycomo to see more content from the Gravity team!  
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3D Printing Thursday - Astronaut

October 18, 2018
After a failed version of this print earlier this week...we decided to try again. Astronauts overcome gravity to explore space, and we overcome 3D printing mistakes to bring you this week's 3D Printing Thursday. Enjoy!    
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3D Printing Thursday - Apple Watch Charging Station

January 16, 2019
3D Printing Thursday is back at Gravity! This week we printed an Apple Watch charging station. It holds your watch as it charges - allowing the watch to double as a clock. Follow us on social media @gravitycomo to keep up with what we're doing in the office!
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3D Printing Thursday - Apple Watch Charger

July 12, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! This week, we printed this Apple Watch charger modeled after an old Macintosh Plus.
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3D Printing Thursday - Apple TV Wall Mount

June 14, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday! We used our PrintrBot Simple Metal to print this awesome Apple TV Wall Mount that keeps our wires hidden and our device out of harm's way. Follow us on social media @gravitycomo to see more!
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3D Printing Thursday - Apple Airport Express Wall Mount

July 5, 2018
It's 3D Printing Thursday at Gravity! We love a good wall mount, and our Airport Express was lacking one. A few hours later, we solved that problem without too much of a hassle. Follow us on social media @gravitycomo to keep up with what we're up to!
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