Smart Home Installation and Residential IT Services

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Discover a whole new level of convenience for your home. Gravity offers professional smart home installation and continued residential IT services for homeowners looking to get the most out of their home tech.


Our diverse staff boasts years of experience in dealing with home technologies. Whether you’re looking to set up your smart home devices for the first time or you’ve purchased a home with previous smart home products installed, our team can both install and educate you on the ways to maximize your smart home advantages.


From installing a smart thermostat to programming your smart lighting, Gravity takes the time commitment and confusion out of your hands, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of your home automation.

Apple HomeKit Integration and Installation

The Apple HomeKit is the central hub for all your installed smart home devices. Here you’ll manage all connected devices and program them to match your daily needs. Apple HomeKit even offers you the benefit of Siri integration.

When it comes to making your smart home system as convenient as possible, you’ll want a team of professionals familiar with Apple products. Gravity is an Apple Authorized Service provider, meaning we provide the same level of expertise and professional care as the typical Apple store.

Gravity’s Residential Service

Smart Home Services


It’s time to modernize your home! The team at Gravity can install smart home products to completely automate your home amenities. Enjoy the convenience that comes with a professionally installed smart home system, with state of the art home tech capabilities. You’ll be able to operate the key functions of your house from your phone.

Our smart home services include:

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Networking Services

At Gravity, we know that your smart home devices are of no use to you without the proper focus on networking. Our professionals not only ensure your wifi is properly set up, we make sure the flow of service is properly optimized. Too often we find homes with multiple routers or signal extenders when there is no need. With our services, you’re guaranteed to have a strong signal at every corner of your home.


Featuring a clean industrial design, the UniFi® AP can be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface (mounting kits included). The LED indicator simplifies deployment and configuration.

Our staff will determine high-performing wifi solutions to fit your personal needs. Whether your home networking calls for a seamless, ceiling-mounted Ubiquiti unifi access point or a simple router extender, we not only help you manage your devices, but also help manage the network flow.


Services include:

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Hardware Installation

Our professionals know how to properly mount every piece of smart home hardware, so you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your smart home systems.


Services include:

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We make house calls to get your new wireless printer up and running, headache free. Contact us today to schedule your service.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

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Gravity is recognized as a Premium Service Provider, which means we provide the same quality of service that Apple provides to its own customers. You want your devices in the hands of the highest qualified professionals.


According to Apple, “Premium Service Providers consistently deliver exceptional repair support and customer experience that meet Apple’s exacting standards for high-quality repair and prompt service.”


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