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Password Security is not as Easy as “Password123!”

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In the day and age we live in, people are constantly on the internet from work to entertainment, managing household products and passwords to the many of the things we do and keep on the internet. Because of this level of connectivity, most people do not realize at risk they are and the action they can take to increase safety on the internet. Many think updates are pesky and more of a nuisance than help and, although it can be, it is one step in being secure on the internet.

Connecting to the Internet

Most internet users get a new modem and router from their service provider. They then unpack it, set it up and connect all of their devices to the internet without changing the password. This continues with new accounts for services because many just type in a usual password for the new account and move on. Whether the password is for secure contract access, school portals, or remote work security, all accounts need secure password access. With this in mind, here are a few tips to stay secure on the internet.

Let’s Talk Passwords

Most people have one password that is used all the time for all accounts and devices. It is suggested by your friendly geeks at Gravity (and leading experts in cybersecurity) that different passwords should be used for each and every account. 

Password generators are a great way to create unique passwords for each account for maximum security. 

Managing and remembering all these passwords, however, can be difficult. This is where password managers come in super handy. There is one built into iCloud and, like most password managers, it has a password generator. Those that are lucky enough to own everything Apple, from personal phone and computer setup to work setup, this can be pretty convenient. Apple even informs their users if their password has appeared in a data leak. If having all Apple products is not an option, a third party password manager such as 1Password is a great alternative. Though most of these aren’t free, however, there isn’t a price for online security. If this isn’t a viable option, then making a secure password that is different on each website is the next best thing.

Password Generators are a great way to create unique passwords for each account for maximum security.

Creating a Secure Password 

There are many ways to make a secure password. As stated before a password generator would be the most secure. However, but if using one is not an option, there are other ways to go about this task. Typically, websites want at least a capital letter, a number and a special character. Commonly, people think that a password needs to just be one word and that’s how passwords like “password123!” or something similar gets created. Here is a really simple technique to use in order to create a secure password:

Start off with a phrase that is easy to remember. It is best if at least one of your words is not in the dictionary. Then begin to replace the letters with numbers and special characters. If it doesn’t already have a capital letter, assign one to an existing letter. Here’s an example:

  1. Start with a phrase: 
    • welcometogravityAdmiralAckbar
  2. Replace letters with numbers and special letters: 
  3. Assign a letter(s) a capital letter:
  4. Consider adding something to interrupted the phrase.

Connecting to the internet

As mentioned earlier, setting up a brand new modem and router right out the box means the wifi password is probably the original password that came with it and should be changed. There are a few ways to go about that depending on the service provider. Some service providers allow this to be done through an app. Check their app first to see if there is an option to change the wifi password. If they don't have an app or there isn’t a way to change the password, call the service provider to change the password to the wifi.

Now that the wifi password is changed, all devices need to be reconnected to the internet. It would be easiest connecting an Apple device first to the internet. This will allow all other Apple devices to connect to the same wifi as the Apple device originally connected earlier via Apple ID that should be on each of the devices. Now if this doesn't work or isn’t an option, just connect the devices to the internet like normal.

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