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Do Smart Home Devices Get Viruses?

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Smart home devices such as the Apple HomePod and Google Home have made the lives of many families easier. It provides entertainment, news and weather reports on the go, and more. Their easily accessible features are what make them attractive to the consumer market. But how safe are these devices really? Can these devices get viruses like a computer? 



The simple answer to the question is yes. These devices are vulnerable to viruses and other malicious malware. The risk of your smart home device getting a virus is low because there are only four ways that malware can reach your device. There are simple ways to protect your device from the risk of harm that could cause a virus on your device. 


The first risk is a poorly secured device. The best way to combat this risk is to ensure you are buying smart home devices from trusted and reputable brands. Whenever a potential harm is spotted, the company will quickly work to resolve the issue because they want to keep the reputation of the brand in good standing. They also have a strong security team to ensure your personal information is safe while using the device. 


Access to your home WiFi network could also be a cause for concern. Whenever a person is given access to your network, a lot of smart home apps allow immediate control of your devices. The best way to protect your devices from any harm is to ensure you have a strong password on your router. Also, you need to make sure you have changed the default login settings on your router. For even greater security, see if your router has the option to hide the SSID. This will prevent your WiFi network from popping up when people are looking for open networks. 


Another harm is physical access to your IoT device, although this is not a practical risk for consumer devices. Companies should take this into consideration. And finally, a malicious app could trick you into installing malware onto your smart home device. The best way to protect yourself from this is to only download apps from sources your fully trust. 

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