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If your battery is not giving you the battery life you would like, we have a couple of things you can change to extend your battery and possibly improve performance.


First, let’s close your open applications.


For all iPhones before iPhone X: For Double click your home button. You should see all of your open apps. Slide upward on each app.


For all iPhones after iPhone X: Drag your finger up the middle of the screen and hold until the app screens appear. Slide upward on each app.


This will close out the apps running in the background. If you haven’t done this before, there will be quite a few.


battery saving


Next, let us make sure that your battery is still healthy.


Go to your Settings App and navigate to the Battery section. If you can’t find this section you will need to update your phone. Inside the Battery section, go to Battery Health. The maximum capacity should be 80% or more. If it is below 80%, please bring your iPhone in for service.


battery saving battery saving battery saving


Also, inside the Battery section, you can check what applications are draining your battery.


You may want to consider ways to reduce the power demands of these apps, turn off or reduce notifications for these apps, turn off background activities, and/or turning off locations services so that your battery last longer.


battery saving


Here’s how you can change some of the settings I just mentioned:


For background activities, go to your Settings app and navigate to General. Scroll down to Background App Refresh and turn this setting off.


battery saving battery saving battery saving battery saving


For location services, go back to the main page of Settings and scroll down to Privacy. Inside the Privacy section, click Locations Services. You can shut this feature off if you would like or change any application to “While Using” or “Never”.


battery saving battery saving battery saving


If these battery saving techniques still do not resolve your issue, you are welcome to come in to Gravity for a more in-depth diagnostic.


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