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Apple Watches Keep Time and Our Hearts Healthy

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Apple Watches Have Come to Be a Major Trend Within the Technology Industry With its Easy Accessibility and its Fashionable Bands.

Many people use their watch to have emails, texts, and calls come through to one easy to access place, but don’t pay attention to some of its other features. The health app on the latest model of the Apple Watch could be the thing to save a life. Keep reading to learn what your Apple Watch could be telling you about your heart health.

Monitor Heart Rhythms: Apple Watches can monitor your heart rhythms by performing a one lead electrocardiogram (ECG). The purpose of this test is to sense your heart’s electrical activity to monitor its rhythms. You will not need to consult with a doctor to read the results. Apple has built-in algorithms to recognize the difference between a healthy rhythm and an irregular one, also known as atrial fibrillation. The app also makes it easy to share these results with your healthcare provider. Just simply open up the health app on your iPhone, go to health data and then select heart, then proceed to electrocardiogram, and then tap the result you would like to share. Tap the “Export a PDF for your doctor” button and then press the share icon. You can easily get these results to your doctor within a matter of a few short minutes. You can also turn on notifications for your watch to let you know when an irregular rhythm happens.

Apple watches beside iPhone demonstrating how the ECG feature works.

Monitor Heart Rate: Your Apple Watch can monitor your heart for conditions known as tachycardia and bradycardia, or just simply fast and slow heart rates. With this feature on the app, you can choose what you believe to be a befitting resting heart rate for yourself. Whatever settings you choose will determine what sets the trigger off.

Monitor Stress Levels: Variations in the intervals between your heartbeats can be monitored by your Apple Watch. These variations can tell you a lot about when you are stressed out or when you are relaxed. A person that is under a lot of stress will see a decrease in the variations and a person that is relaxed will see an increase. Monitoring your heart rate variability can help you keep a handle on your stress levels and save you from future health concerns that can come from that.

Turning on these notifications can save you a lot of stress about worrying about what’s going on with your body. With the ECG test being so readily available and the ability to receive shareable results with a click of a button can also help your doctor to pinpoint any health issues that may arise. Take advantage of this feature and stay in tune with your heart health.

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