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Apple Watch: What Can They Do?

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As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we know lots about Apple devices and how they function. The Apple Watch, originally released in 2015, has continuously evolved since then to the current Apple Watch Series 4. Our iOS technician has the Apple Watch Series 4 and has lots of insights to share with everyone.


The features include:


  • Time. This is probably the most obvious feature of any watch but definitely important nonetheless.


  • Track Workouts. There are a variety of workout options including elliptical, outdoor/indoor run, outdoor/indoor walk, cycling, rowing, stair stepping and even open goal for workouts like Crossfit.


  • Notifications. Having notifications pop up on your watch cuts your screen time down significantly, allowing you to prioritize if the notification is worth taking out your phone.


  • Apple Pay. Ever since Apple Pay was introduced the function has been implemented on all Apple Watches. This allows you to not have to carry your wallet with you when shopping.


  • Maps. The maps application vibrates your watch rapidly when your turn is approaching, allowing you time to check to see which direction you are heading and ensure you don’t miss it.


  • Sleep. There are apps to track your sleep and link your sleep patterns to caffeine intake, food consumed, workouts, etc. This is not an included feature but can be downloaded by searching "Pillow" or "Sleep Tracker" in the App Store. 


  • Music. Apple Music and Spotify link to your phone and allow you to choose or skip songs. You can also turn up/down the volume on your AirPods from the watch.


  • Don’t Need iPhone Nearby. With the LTE feature on the new Apple Watch, the watch can function completely on its own - meaning if you break your iPhone, you have a backup on your wrist. 


  • Pinging your iPhone. Have you ever lost your phone in your house? Pinging can help you locate it if it’s not in sight.


  • Sleek Design. All the series have a sleek design and opportunity to get bands from various providers to make it your own and match your style.


These are just a handful of the things that you can do with an Apple Watch. If anything happens with your watch, bring it on to us and we can help you with some solutions!


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