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Apple rolls out updated versions of the MacBook Pro.

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Last week, Apple rolled out updated versions of the MacBook Pro. With a few system updates and increased storage and capabilities, the new generation of MacBook Pro is faster than ever.


The 13-inch and 15-inch models are equipped with Intel's eighth-generation processors, but you can upgrade some of the other features like RAM and SSD.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro will run a quad-core processor, an upgrade from the dual-core processor in the previous model, and the 15-inch will move from a quad-core to a 6-core processor. Along with that, the new laptops boast up to 4TB of SSD one 32GB of RAM. This allows users to run pro apps at higher speeds than the previous models. Now, working with apps such as Photoshop, Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X is much faster than with previous models.

With upgraded capabilities and speed, Apple has also upgraded the battery performance for these new Mac computers. This means you won't be sacrificing any battery life in exchange for a faster computer.

Touch Bar

With updated computers come updated features. The Touch Bar replaces the function keys on the keyboard, and change based on what app you are using. For example, you can now use the Touch Bar to move around your workspace in Final Cut Pro X, make new sounds and fine-tune your recordings in Logic Pro X and edit images in Photos.

Butterfly Keyboard

Apple updated the keyboardon the new MacBook Pro models to make typing quieter. Problems with the butterfly keyboard in the past, however, point to a different issue. The keyboard is already pretty quiet with its low-profile keys, but dust and particulates can make keys unusable. It is likely that Apple wanted to fix this issue without addressing that there had been a problem, releasing it as "quieter typing" update. For what it's worth, the keyboard will be a little quieter, and the dust problem has likely been resolved (though Apple has not commented on it).


The Thunderbolt-3 port is an upgraded universal port that is making its debut on the MacBook Pro. Twice as fast as the Thunderbolt-2 port, the Thunderbolt-3 makes for incredibly fast data transfer. In less than one minute, a user can potentially copy 14 hours of HD video, 25,000 images, or 10,000 songs. All four of the Thunderbolt-3 ports on the new MacBook Pro computers can be used for data transfer, charging the computer, or charging external devices - and the ports are reversible, "so no matter which way you plug it in, it's always right-side up," says Apple.

Apple T2 Chip

Apple is doubling down on their push for increased privacy for users. The T2 chip makes these computers more secure by providing secure boot and encrypted storage capabilities. This update also brings "Hey Siri" to Mac, so you can use Siri to open apps, find documents and more.

MacBook Pro Pricing

This update to the MacBook Pro mainly focuses on improving the speed and security of the devices. Along with that, Apple made small tweaks to the keyboard, display compatibility and Thunderbolt  ports.

Prices start at $1299 for the 13-inch model and $2399 for the 15-inch model. You can spend as $7198 on one of these computers, if you choose to have the fastest processor, most storage and pre-installed software.

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