What To Expect From Service Location Before Their Visit


This might be your first time with a broken Apple device and you don’t know what to expect with a service location.

We’re here to prepare you for that so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Once you arrive at our location (810 E. Walnut Street Columbia, MO) you will be greeted by one of our friendly technicians in our lobby. They will ask you about what your problem is and walk you through the check-in process. Based on your specific device, you will be informed of the next steps and timeline for repair.

Keep in mind:

  • Always back up your devices before coming in (if possible). Let us know if you need your data backed up, any repair has a risk of data loss.
  • We operate on a first come first serve basis. That means generally, the earlier you come, the better. 
  • Diagnostics for computers are generally complete within a few business days from check-in. Diagnostics cost $50 and if/when we proceed with repair, the cost of repair replaces the diagnostic charge. 

iPhone diagnostics can usually be completed same day.

  • We work as quickly as we can to get your devices repaired and back to you.