Accio Video


Any fan of Harry Potter knows that wizarding newspapers, unlike muggle ones, feature moving photos. Now the tech world is finally catching up to the magical one.

Facebook has just introduced a 7 second looping video option for your
Facebook profile picture. This comes right on the heels of Snapchat adding a similar feature.

Facebook is slowly rolling out the new feature so the best way to tell if you’ve been switched over is to check your profile on the mobile app—and yes, right now it’s only available on iOS.

If you have the new version, you’ll notice your profile photo is centered right on the page. You’ll also notice a flashing camera/video icon on your photo. Simply press that icon for the magic to happen. You only have 7 seconds so unless you’re a wizard at documentary shorts, we recommend you shoot and edit offline and then upload your video.

And as quick as you can say Accio Video, you’re a wizard Harry.